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Interference Methods

  • Censoring customers who are late on bill payments.
  • ABUSE notice e-mail
  • Blocking Payment/Donations (WikiLeaks)
  • Cyber Bullying Laws
  • “legal” takedown / datacenter raid
  • DRM (e.g. DVD Regions)
  • Paying people to send take-down notices
  • Legal coercion
  • detect IP addresses of BitTorrent downloader of copyrighted file, have ISP inject a legal threat by captive portal
  • threaten journalists with legal threats for their work
  • Content takedown by DCMA
  • deterring a blogger by sending a threatening letter
  • Arrest people who write blog posts you don’t agree with
  • (threat of) retribution based on records of activity
  • threaten to expel foreign media agencies if they “misbehave”
  • human review prior to publication (e.g.: FCC & TV)
  • chilling effect because of harsh legislation
  • Surveillance